Why You Should "Go Green"


Cintrex is the "Go Green" alternative for not only saving costs, but saving the environment. We utilize the proven new technology developed, such as Bora-Care and Termite Meter, along with proven old school techniques for termite control.


Our basics for going "Green," is our proven track record of 50% less toxic chemicals which returns "green" savings to our customers. There are five proven methods of termite control that we look at for solving your subterranean termite problems in your structure.

  1. Physical Barriers
  2. Soil Chemical Barriers
  3. Wood/Concrete Chemical Barriers
  4. Monitor/Bait Station Barriers
  5. Combinations of 1 through 4 methods

Many companies in the pest control industry seek government protection to survive with their "maximum only" chemical termiticide "poison for profit" campaigns. This mentality creates a lack of natural problem solving and limits the environmental savings. Our environmental savings are beneficial for the long term.


The Cintrex Eco2Friendly "Go Green" alternative is designed to provide a solution to the termite problem with up to a 50% cash savings over our competitors programs. A $1,200.00 quote from our competitor can become a $600 solution with our full warranty.


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