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Termite Meter Monitor

Here at Termite Meter Manufacturing, Inc., U.S. Patented and made in the U.S.A., we have developed a product for you, the homeowner, for locating termite activity around your biggest investment, your home. Termite detection can often be difficult until there are signs of activity or damage already inside your home. Designed to be an easy-to-use and effective early detection system, the Termite Meter can be a crucial part of your integrated termite management program.

          Termite damage to new and existing homes costs more per year than by all fires, storms and earthquakes combined. In addition to this statistic it has been proven that 90% of termite infestation originates from an external entrance to homes. Termites only need a 1/64 of an inch to gain access into your home, this can be in the form of a crack in the foundation or space in brick mortar, etc…. Finding the termites that are active in and around your house can be critical before damage to your home can occur. If used properly, the Termite Meter can save you enough money to pay for itself with one detection!

          Pest Control Professionals worldwide will agree that a good inspection is the most important part of achieving termite control. The Termite Meter is there everyday providing the termites with a ready food source, and you with an easy inspection method that can all be done from a standing position. All features of the Termite Meter, starting with installation, continuing thru with the inspections and servicing are done from a standing position. And as an added value, you own the Termite Meter, forever. If termite activity is detected you may choose to treat the problem yourself or call your favorite pest control operator, either way the Termite Meter will be there everyday for you.

Termite Meter has a lifetime warranty on all composite components.

Termite Meter, The Meter You Own

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